Along the Time

The Castle of Montclar rises up its wall on the remainders of an antique Roman tower. On the fašade of the fortress, an inscription points out that it was rebuilt on the year 1635, nevertheless, the historians have documentation of it from the year 981. Therefore it is the most antique castle of the zone.

Restored for the last time on the year 1970 and declared Historical and Artistic Monument on 1979, the walls of the Castle of Montclar seem to desire to tell everything that has happened along the history.

The most antique part is the ground floor and the tower that was used for homage in the last construction, which now supports the current fortress. Thus, watching its stones (the so called "witness stones"), one can distinguish the different stages of the construction: from the floor up to 4 meters of height corresponds to the XIII century; the upper part corresponds to the XV century.

And as it happens with in every medieval castle, from being constructed with the purpose of being a defensive point, it changes to be the residence of the feudal lords. In the same manner, the houses of the farmers, who work the lords' fields, are built in the surroundings or even inside the castle. Of course, in case of attack, the noble people, which were the only ones with weapons, had to allow the whole town to enter into the castle.

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The story is long; during many years in the middle age, the Castle had clearly a defensive function, of vital importance in those days. Two exterior walls (that nowadays are in the middle of the town) surrounded the fortress where it was more possible to be attacked.

The history proved that, as it happened most to the times, the place where the Romans decided to build their defensive tower was chosen not out of stupidity. Almost two thousand years after its construction, during the Spanish Civil War, a military detachment also chose that place as strategic point of defense.